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Today Closes Chapter 1.🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 3 years to fully manifest the Album. Much travel and adventures, many people I've met along the way of this journey. I had to lovingly sacrifice alot of time to create this. Writing each experience, from living in my truck to having the Album fully financed. It was a full 360 degrees to get to the end of this chapter. I have made great friends along the way and some I've had to completely let go of. I was an organic farmer living completely off the grid after living in To as a music teacher and Audio engineer working with Grammy winning producer. I had my fill of the industry, so I moved to hawaii to go let go of that version of myself and grow. And honestly follow where Raw veganism was leading my spiritual growth. So much time just to read farm and compose. I had many personal insights. With much new much just approx. 86 songs at that time. The lyrical content was important to me I felt I had to go and give what I had learned back. So I left and went on this journey to great this album on 100% faith until it was complete. Some of the lyrics are personal, some are more Universal in nature. Every song on the Album "111" is set in the frequency of 430.65Hz to compensate for the change in Schuman resonance. The "111" title is derived from a personal experience I have Had. 5 mo before a personal and very real E.T experience I had I woukd see the number 11, or 1101, or 1011 ...everywhere approx 25x a day. In different places. On mail, on car plates, on clocks, on receipts. Before I knew to look for this number unwant aware that each of my insturments have the 111 in the serial numbers. Both insturments. Recording started in June of 2017. I recorded all of the parts on the Album then composed and arranged the orchestrations. Which took the most time of the entire project. Some session had an approximation of 40+ insturments simultaneously. All PRE-ORDERS are now complete, with a 2nd album close to completion as well 🎵 (Release date for album 2. Unknown) This album was a conformation of my faith in life and the universal creator is very real and an active participant when one shows the nessicsry will in response. I'm not sure when I will begin to perform the Album if I will at all. I don't like crowds of humans and i dont drink, so that is always a turn off to perform my music. Thank you all for your patience and impatience for this project. I was impatient at times as well lol. Thank you all for your support during this project. 💛😊